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The VIRT2UE Train the Trainer program addresses researchers and educators from different disciplines who want to become trainers in Research Integrity. The training takes a virtue-based approach and supports participants in reflecting on their understanding of, and own positions towards research integrity. In line with this, a strong focus is put on fostering reflecting on personal cases and experiences with the intention of building strong connections between theory and practice.

By taking part in this training trainees will: develop a predisposition to cultivate virtues, and know how to act upon those virtues in concrete situations; learn how to relate the principles outlined in the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity to a specific research integrity case; develop knowledge and skills to apply exercises that help researchers to cultivate scientific virtues to specific cases and dilemmas; and develop didactical competences necessary to organize and implement a VIRT2UE training.

VIRT2UE training overview:

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This workshop is designed to raise awareness of the current research climate in which the participants are doing their research, to let them diagnose research integrity issues that come with that research culture and to propose ways to deal with those.
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