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The Virt2ue Project, founded by the European Commission in 2018, is developing a new blended learning train the trainer program on Ethics and Research Integrity (ERI) to form new trainers and give them tools to internalize, apply and uphold the principles of the European Code of conduct for Research Integrity.

The training will offer:

  • 25 trainings in 10 different EU countries
  • Face to face lessons by experts near you
  • Online toolbox with exercises to train yourself and build your training
  • A community of trainers

Thanks to the involvement of its members the Virt2ue consortium will have unique access into the ERI community and wider research community across Europe.

Blending learning program

The training will have online and off-line components. Trainee will first have to complete an introductory module on line and then they will get together and meet the trainers for the face-to-face part.

The training will be:

  • Adaptable to context
  • Easy to use and train
  • Modular

Online assignments

  • Inspirational and instructional videos on Ethics and Research Integrity (ERI)
  • In depth knowledge of the European Code of Conduct
  • A virtue ethics approach to ERI
  • Risk factors in ERI
  • ERI issues and relation to one’s own practice
  • Input for the face to face trainings
  • Online discussions with other trainers and trainees

Face to face trainings

  • Learning to facilitate reflection in others
  • Focus on real cases (own experience)
  • Learning by doing
  • Group reflections on moral dilemmas in practice

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A number of 25 trainings will be hosted in 10 different EU countries.

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