INSPIRE project - Inventory in the Netherlands of Stakeholders’ Practices and Initiatives on Research integrity

What is this about?

The INSPIRE project aims to collect, classify and share initiatives to foster research integrity, with a view to inspire and to enable others to implement similar initiatives. Such initiatives are for example trainings, policies, campaigns, consultation etc. A broad spectrum of initiatives will be made available on The Embassy of Good Science, using the tag 'INSPIRE'. A checklist to guide future development and implementation of initiatives, is developed together with actors in the field.

Types of initiatives that could be included in the spectrum of initiatives, include but are not limited to:

- Training (e.g. course, workshop, online module, reading material)

- Campaign to bring RI/RCR issues to the attention

- Dissemination strategy (other than campaign or training, e.g. informative website, social media)

- Consultation, advising, providing information, support

- Technological infrastructure to support or enable good research practices

- Measure to foster open science and transparency

- Development of new or revised codes and guidelines

- Nudging RCR: Facility or policy that nudges or forces stakeholders to engage in RCR

- Activity that stimulates an open research culture in which research integrity issues can be discussed

- Strategy (courses, policies) that fosters good quality of mentoring and supervision

- New or renewed assessment strategies for the evaluation of research and researchers

- Audit to foster RCR: strategy to locate breaches of RI and identify issues to be addressed

- Initiative evaluation and further development

Why is this important?

In recent years, many initiatives to address research integrity and related problems in science have been developed. However, the success of these initiatives requires understanding of the code of conduct, the research culture and the context of the science system. Relevant knowledge on how to foster responsible research practices (RRP) in various contexts is fragmented, local initiatives are very diverse, and available evidence on best practices in and outside the Netherlands are only used to a limited extent.

The INSPIRE project aims to reduce this fragmented situation, by collecting current and planned initiatives for fostering responsible research practices, identifying good practices and unique initiatives by the use of a checklist, and by publicly sharing the relevant information to assist implementation in other institutions. A publicly available toolbox with initiatives to foster RRP, prevents ‘reinventing the wheel’.

The project goes beyond the scope of just sharing knowledge. It activates policy makers, administrators, teachers, researchers, supervisors, editors, and other stakeholders to make contributions and reflect on their own practices. Consequently, we aim to inspire and enable all stakeholders in scientific research to facilitate measures locally that foster responsible research practices and take up the challenge and their duty.